Canaan adversity to Noyes Academy

Not Quite a Riot    We understand that the Academy at Canaan, N.H. has been threatened with destruction.  That Academy is under the control of Anti-Slavery men, and is, by public advertisement, open to young men of color, as well as others.  It has excited a good deal of interest, and a number of colored pupils are now members.  A mob assembled two or three weeks since for the avowed purpose of destroying the building; but as they numbered only about 500, they gave warning of their intentions and adjourned for a week to recruit their forces.  At the end of the week, they came together, but in less numbers than before,  — and finally dispersed without doing any damage.   We presume the Academy will now go on without molestation.

We have always regarded the advertisements of this Academy as slandering most similar institutions in New England  — which we believe to be as much open to young men of color as this is.  But this is no reason why the young men who resort to it should not be allowed to pursue their course in peace.  – Vermont Chronicle.

                                                                       (Liberator,  August 8, 1835, pg 1)