Comments on Walker’s view of Clay

Another article from “V”,  titled, Walker’s Appeal No. 3, fills the entire first page and concludes on the second.  It includes long quotes from the Appeal, and comments such as this:  “Mr. Clay comes in for a share of censure, for having lent his countenance to the Colonization Society.  May the Lord forgive Walker for the aspersion he ignorantly casts on that virtuous and eminent man.  Mr. Clay saw a great evil in the land, the curse of bondage, and like many other good men, caught desperately at the only means to ameliorate it that occurred to his mind.”    

“Walker’s remarks on the Declaration of Independence are pointed and to the purpose……the instrument has a most unhappy beginning, for its first clause, in the mouth, of any inhabitant of any of the slave states, is a base lie, or, at best, at vile piece of national hypocrisy…… How can man who holds a slave, or assists another to hold him, say that all men are born free and equal?  Any foreigner has a right to call him a fool or a hypocrite.”

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