Completion of our Fifteenth Volume

“The first number of the Liberator was issued January 1st, 1831; consequently, the present number completes the fifteenth year of its existence…. The struggle on our part against the Slave Power has been a long and arduous one.   At no time, from the beginning, we trust, have we evinced any weariness of effort, any subsidence of determination, any disposition to compromise the principles of the Anti-Slavery enterprise, any symptoms of spasmodic philanthropy, or any change of views in regard to the enormity of the system of slavery ….  We commence our sixteenth volue with an elastic sprit, and as unyeilding a prupose, as we did our fitrst volume; but under circumstances how widely different!    ……”   (Liberator, December 26, 1845, pg 2)

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