County Anti-Slavery Society in New Hampshire


A meeting to form an Anti-Slavery Society for the County in Strafford in New Hampshire, convened at Gilmanton on the 27th ult.  Forty-one delegates were presenting representing fifteen towns.

Officers:  President – Asa Freeman, Esq.  Vice Presidents – Rev. Mr. Scott, Jonathan Clarke, Esq.,  Rev. Enoch Place,  Rev. J.D. Quimby,  Rev. Jared Perkins

Executive Committee:   Rev. David Root, Simon Chase, Enoch Mack, Thomas Beach, William Burr ,  John A. Richards, Esq.,  Rev. E. Goodell.

The Society voted to establish a depository for anti-slavery publications at Dover.

                                                (Liberator, May 7, 1836, pg2)