South Weymouth Female Anti-Slavery Society

South Weymouth, April 30, 1836

Mr. Garrison,  — If you think it will advance the cause of immediate emancipation, you are at liberty to insert the following in the Liberator.

The South Weymouth Female Anti-Slavery Society was formed in South Weymouth, the 19th of Nov.1835  Present number of members one hundred and twelve.

Officers:  Mrs. Deborah Thomas,  President      Miss Hannah Pratt, Vice President

Mrs. Eliza T. Loud, Secretary     Miss Lydia Pratt,  Treasurer

Exec Com:  Miss Clarissa Shaw, Miss Rebecca Ripley, Mrs. Everline L. Pratt,   Mrs. Lavinia S. Blanchard

                     (Liberator, April 30, 1836, pg 3)