Daniel Webster and Henry Johnson

Daniel Webster and Henry Johnson .  —-  When Mr. Webster was in our city, a few days ago, in walking along the wharves in company with Mr. Grinnell, he encountered our city crier, with bell in hand, holding it by the tongue.  ‘This, says Mr. Grinnell, ‘is a Mr. Johnson, our city crier, a leader among the colored people and a red hot Free Soiler.’   ‘Well, Mr. Johnson, says Mr. Webster, ‘I see you are holding your tongue  — it would be well for certain other gentlemen I know of it follow your example.’   ‘Yes, sir’, replied Johnson,  ‘it would have been well for a certain other gentleman I know of, had he followed my example, instead of making pro-slavery speeches under the hot October sun in Virginia.’  Mr. Webster laughed heartily, and Johnson cut.  – New Bedford  Echo.

(Liberator, Sept 14, 1849, pg 4)