Diabolic plan to get rid of Indians

One Way to Get Rid of Indians.  — The St. Louis Union says that the State of Congress of Chihuahua has passed an Indian Appropriation bill, to defray the expenses of an Indian war, to be waged by foreign chivalry under contract with the State Government.  Major Chevallie, of renowned fame in Texas, with 25 well armed and well equipped Americans, was the first to enter the field.  The terms of contract were $200 each for the scalps of warriors, $150 each for those of women and children, and $200 for prisoners, and all the captured animals to be retained by the Major and his command.  The Major secured 9 scalps, 4 prisoners, and 55 animals in his first campaign.

The noted Garrison “finger” points to:   This is unadulterated diabolism

(Liberator, Sept 14, 1849, pg 4)