Warnings to Sabbath-breakers

Warning to Sabbath-Breakers.  A boy in New Orleans, while bathing on the Sabbath, ventured beyond his depth, and was carried away by the current, and drowned.  If he had been at Sabbath school or church, his life would have been spared.  – Sectarian paper.

Another.  Some years since, while minister in Ohio was on his way to church, on the Sabbath, his horse took fright, and dashed down a steep hill, demolishing his carriage, and throwing the rider against a stone with such force as to kill him on the spot.  Had this Sabbath-breaker obeyed the command to rest on the Sabbath, and to permit his beast to rest on the Sabbath also, , instead of going to market with his theological wares, he would have been spared!

Warning to Wednesday- Breakers.  A  large number of men and boys, while firing pistols, swivels an guns, on the 4th of July, lost a hand, an arm or a leg, and some of them life itself.  Had they been attending to their own proper business, instead of desecrating holy time, they would have escaped the penalty of their folly.

Warning to  Pork-Eaters.   A woman in Pennsylvania went into the cellar to get pork for dinner, and on putting her hand into the pork barrel, was bitten by a rattlesnake that had coiled himself up there.  What an awful warning to pork-eaters!  Had she and her family obeyed the scripture which says,  ‘The swine thou shalt not eat,  and his carcass thou shalt not touch,’  she would have escaped this dreadful penalty!  Let Sabbath-breakers ,  Wednesday-breakers, and pork-eaters, take warning!

                                           (Liberator, August 17, 1849, pg4)