Death of Moses Brown


By the following paragraph from the Providence Courier of Sept 9th, it will be seen that the venerable Patriarch of the Friends has gone to his rest. – This is indeed a departure which will leave a vacancy not only in the particular Society of which he has long been esteemed one of the most valuable members, but in the whole community which has been blessed by his life of usefulness, and his example of piety, virtue, and active benevolence.  The friends of the slave will not forget that he was the black man’s benefactor  — a practical and consistent Abolitionist; having emancipated his own slaves, and paid them for their services previous as well as subsequent to their emancipation.  The influence of his name, and frequent contributions from his purse, have been given to aid the present anti-slavery movements, and we could, if need were, name some of the places where the seed which his liberality sowed, has already sprung up and brought forth fruit for our cause.

                                                  (Liberator, Sept. 10, 1836, pg 3)