Death of Preston S. Brooks

The Late Preston S. Brooks    The man who struck down Sumner is himself leveled.  Almost as suddenly has death assailed and beaten the champion of the slave-whip and slave-coffle.  The members of Congress wear crape about their arms for three months in memory of the departed Brooks.  Mr. Sumner, in memory of Brooks, has worn black a little longer.  But the man has gone to his account, where we hear of no distinction of skin, and where even Preston S. Brooks may be on a level with a paupan nigger.  Very brief has been the triumph of Brooks.  A short while ago, and grateful slaveholders were in many ways according their gratitude to their champion.  A short while since, and how gold-headed canes were sent to Brooks!  Canes of testimony.  And now has Brooks himself gone to Styx!  — Punch

                                              (Liberator, April 3, 1857, pg 3)