Died, John Telemachus Hilton

Died,in Brighton, March 5, Mr. John Telemachus Hilton, aged 62

Born in Pennsylvania, he, when a young man, came to the Eastern States, and became a protégé of the Reverend Brothers Nathaniel, Benjamin and Thomas Paul – the last named so long and so favorably known in Boston.  Mr. Hilton soon after married a daughter of Mrs. Eunice Ames, whose death, preceded his own but a few days……………………

He was one of the first colored Americans to greet the Anti-Slavery movement, which received to his last day, the most devoted, unwavering affection and support.  ………No names seemed more talismanic to him than those of William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Maria Weston Chapman, and George Thompson.

(Liberator. 1864, Mar 25, pg 3)