Disputes at Lane Seminary & Beecher

Lane Seminary
Important Anti-Slavery Document
Full exposure of the gagging system

Statement of the reasons which have induced the students of Lane Seminary to dissolve their connection with that institution. Cincinnati, 1834

“The above is the title of a pamphlet which we have just received from the West, the contents of which, we predict, are destined to create a mighty sensation through this land. It bears the signatures of fifty-one of the seceding students, and it is added —
‘Several of our  brethren, who coincide with us in sentiment, are not able to affix their names to this document, in consequence of being several hundred miles from the Seminary.’”……..a final paragraph follows:

“Lane Seminary is now to be regarded strictly as a Bastile of Oppression  — a Spiritual Inquistion.   It will be the grave of the reputation of  the Rev. Dr. Beecher, who throughout all the disgraceful proceedings of the trustees and faculty, has acted unworthy of his high character. “

Subsequent issues contain wide discussion of the controversy at Lane, including a statement by faculty and trustees.

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