The Irish Population

With the title above, the article begins with, “Dear Sir”, and is signed only,

“A Citizen of the World”   Here are excerpts:

“ To you , who have taken of the poor, the weak, and the unpopular, under your protection against the fiend PREJUDICE, I beg to say a few words in behalf of another class similarly situated.  The poor Irish emigrant, who seeks refuge from such a lot, as Cobbett so well depicts in his letter contained in your paper; a lot not equal, in its comforts and decencies, to that of a swine in an English pig-sty; who seeks refuge in a land, where he is told that labor, which is all he has to offer, will purchase comfortable  means of living, finds Prejudice armed against him  — Prejudice, with its thousand means of annoyance, to countervail all the real benefits of his change of home. ……..Prejudice excites against him the city politician, because he fills more than his share of the county poor house; forgetting that the lowest class of society are, in their days of prosperity, the nearest to the almshouse door, and, of course, in adversity,  naturally slide into it……..”

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