Drayton Case

August 25, 1848

Here is an article indicating that the jury in the second case has rendered a verdict of guilty.  “One thing is certain.  These verdicts, and the ruling of the Judge on which they were found, will go a great way to precipitate the abolition of slavery in this District.  It is impossible that the people of the United States should consent in a longer continuance at the seat of government of an institution which so influences and corrupts the people, that  mobs perambulate the streets, not merely to murder prisoners charged with an alleged offence, but to pull down the printing-offices and to burn the houses of all those whom the mob may suspect of sympathizing with those prisoners; and which so corrupts and influences the courts of criminal justice, that the District Attorney is sustained by it in a practice which that same Court pronounces wrong and bad, of finding a vexatious and inconsistent multiplicity of indictments for the same act; which the Court itself lays down as law, doctrines as inconsistent with the best established principles as they are abhorrent to humanity.”

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