Ellen and William Craft escape, come to Boston

Dear Friend Garrison:  One of the most interesting cases of the escape of fugitives from Amercan slavery that have ever come before the American people, has just occurred, under the following circumstances: —- William and Ellen Craft man and wife, lived with with different masters in the State of Georgia. Ellen is so near white, that she can pass without suspicion for a white woman. Her husband is much darker . They arrived in Philadelphia , in four days from the time they started. Their history, especially that of their escape, is replete with interest. They will be at the meeeting of the Mass Anti-Slavery Society, in Boston, in the latter part of this month, where I know the history of their escape will be listened to with great interest. …..They are very intelligent. They are young, Ellen, 22, and Wm. 24 years if age, Ellen is truly a heroine. Yours truly, Wm. W. Brown    P.S. They are now  away within 25 miles of Philadelphia, where they will remain until the 6th, when they leave with me for New England. Will you please say in the Liberator…that I will lecture, in connexion with them, as follows: dates then follow for Norwich, CT., Worcester, Pawtucket, and New Bedford.   (Liberator, January 12, 1849, pg 3)

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