William and Ellen Craft speak

A letter to Friend Garrison from Lyman Allen, from Northboro, Feb 16. 1849.    “W.W. Brown, and William and Ellen Craft held a meeting at the Town Hall.  After telling of William’s talk,  he says  “there was a clamoring to hear his wife speak”… then this comment: .. ” is it possible that that creature was ever a slave? ” .. “Old friends of the slave were confirmed, and new converts made to the anti-slavery faith…then came the separation; and what a rush, not to the door, but to take the hand that was so lately in chains! I wish my soul that Calhoun & Co. could have seen it. This growing sympathy for the slave is more to be dreaded by the South than bullets and guns combined….” (Liberator, March 2, 1849 pg 2)

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