Emancipation in Maryland

 The Richmond Sentinel of the 5th speaks of the emancipation in Maryland in the following terms: –     “On the first day of November , the slaveholders of Maryland were unceremoniously robbed of a large property, by the pretended ratification of the new Constitution. A more palpable fraud was never committed in the name of an election; and the trespass upon private rights is without a parallel. England decreed emancipation in the West Indies, but she made the slave-owners a large compensation. The ethics of Lincoln and his adherents are different”. 

“The slave population of Maryland in 1860 was 87, 189. Of these slaves a great many had been enticed away, and a large number bribed or drafted into the army. The number remaining for emancipation did not probably exceed forty thousand.”

                                          (Liberator, November 18, 1864, pg 3)