Encouragement from Indiana and New York


Extract from a letter from a gentleman in Indiana:

“Sir  — You will please forward to me, at this place, a copy of your paper, as speedily as you can.  I am a friend of emancipation, and have left a slave state and settled here, in consequence of my opposition to slavery; and since my location here, have published 500 pamphlets, in opposition to that tyrannical and unchristian practice.  I am gratified to see that there are some men in our enlightened and republican government, of sufficient firmness and courage to oppose a practice so disgraceful to our nation. “

  From an individual in the State of New York:

“I have perused the Liberator with much pleasure and profit: it has enlightened my mind much.  I had always before followed the principles of the Colonization Society —  but I now follow them no more.  The principles you advocate have not obtained much ground here yet, ad your paper is not circulated in this quarter; but there are some who have moral courage enough to come out and oppose long established opinions….

                                                          (Liberator, January 7,  1832 pg 3)