Execution of John Brown

EXECUTION OF CAPT. JOHN BROWN   — Here is a resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society.  The resolution  passed ends with a statement against slavery,  naming it  “ a burning disgrace and fearful curse to the whole country, and by the speedy extinction of which, alone, can the land be saved from violence, blood, and utter demoralization.”  …. Then comes this :

“No suggestion more timely and important than this could be made; and now that sentence of death has been pronounced against the brave martyr to his principles, let the day of his execution – FRIDAY, December 2d – be the occasion of such public moral demonstration against the bloody and merciless slave system as the land has never witnessed. Friends of freedom everywhere! Begin at once to make the necessary arrangements. The appeal is to be made to you all, without regard to sect or party, or different shades of opinion. Let it be a memorable day in the history of the United States. In all the principal cities and towns, let there be some suitable and expressive form of manifestation. Among other things, let there be a tolling of the bells for one hour. ”

(Liberator, November 11, 1859, pg 2)