Expenses of Executing Fugitive Slave Law in Massachusetts

From N.Y. Herald

We learn that the expenses incurred by the government in arresting, holding, trying and restoring the fugitive slave Sims to his master in Georgia, exeeded five thousand dollars, to wit:
For guard, before granting of certificate $1,556.00
For board of guard 714.39
For guard, after grant of certificate, and
for expense of sending Sims to
Georgia 2,570.66
Counsel fees, etc, of Marshal Devan 2.000/00
Add owner’s expense in same case 3,000.00
We have a total of $8,841.05
—- as the actual expenses incurred in the recovery of a single slave,, in the law-abiding Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

(Liberator, May 14, 1852,pg 1)