Death of Isaac T. Hopper, letter from L. Maria Child

From N.Y. Tribune of May 8    We announce, with deep regret, the demise of that venerable and widely-known Philanthropist, Isaac T. Hopper. The painful intelligence was conveyed to us in the following letter, received at a late hour last evening, from one who watched by his dying pillow, and who is qualified, by long and intimate acquaintance, to pay an appropriate tribute to his memory. This communication renders superfluous any attempt on our part to do justice to the life and character of one so universally respected in this community for his sterling integrity, and so widely beloved and appreciated for his rare devotion to the highest welfare of his fellow-men…
There follows the letter to which reference is made,  from L. Maria Child to the Editor of the New York Tribune.

(Liberator, May 14, 1852, pg 3)