Extracts from letters to the Editor

From a gentleman in Connecticut
“The Liberator is edited with great spirit, and, in the main, with a good spirit…… As to our own country, we can never be at peace within our borders, so long as slavery continues……..”

From a gentleman in the District of Columbia
“…….You are not only breaking the chains of the black slave, but also of the white slave: you are teaching the naturally bold, but the practically fearful, to feel their moral energy, and to wish to soar with you above the calculations of a mean and misguided self-love…………”

From a gentleman in the same District
” I rejoice that you have got at it. Nail the flag to the mast-head; and if you sink, go down with colors flying.!”

From a gentleman in Indiana
“Your broad principle is the only true and unerring one. The world– the whole world is our country; mankind — and the rational family, without distinction of color or place of nativity —- are our countrymen………..”

From a gentleman in Vermont
“……….I believe, sir, that the course you have taken, and the malice and rage which have been arrayed against you in consequence of it, will do more to open the eyes of this nation with regard to the awful evil of slavery, than all that has been down besides …………”

(Liberator, February 26, 1831, pg 1)