Fasting, Prayer, in African Churches

For the Liberator


It was a custom in ancient times with the patriarchs, prophets, and all others who believed and worshipped the true God, when sorely afflicted by oppression, to assemble in their respective places of worship, and devoutly give themselves up to humiliation and prayer.

Believing in the example herein mentioned, as comporting with the true principles of Christianity, the African Church,  in Boston, in conformity to that custom, have appointed the 28th of September, instant, to be observed among them as a day of fasting and prayer in behalf of their afflicted brethren, groaning so sadly under every species of cruel barbarity ……  The Church furthermore recommend to all  the colored churches of the United States , to observe the day in like manner With themselves, and to forget not to pray also for the prolonged life of all strenuous advocates for the cause of the bleeding sons . ……………………..   J. T.Hilton, Church Clerk

                                             (Liberator,  Sept 17, 1831,pg 3)