FREE Church forming in Boston


A very numerous meeting was held in Julien Hall was held on Monday evening, to take measures for the erection of a Free Church, in which all the great moral questions of the day may be freely discussed without let or hindrance.  Francis Jackson presided, and the meeting was addressed by Messrs. Walker, Garrison, Phelps, Hallett and Thompson.  The object was to unite all those minorities who have who have heretofore been excluded from the use of churches and public halls, in erecting a spacious building, where neither a man’s creed politics, poverty or unpopularity, shall be any obstacle to his discussing in decency and order, what he believes to be the truth…….a full determination evinced that since Faneuil Hall is no longer the Cradle of Liberty, a new Cradle of Liberty shall be erected, where free discussion, and not the caprices of deacons, and committees, and aldermen, shall be the presiding genius………….Boston Daily Advocate

(Liberator, June 27, 1835, pg 3)