Fugitives, Don’t Come to England

From Frederick Douglass’s Paper   To: Frederick Douglass. The deep hatred to American slavery, which is known to exist in the hearts of the people of Great Britain, and the warm reception which has greeted many colored men on their arrival in England, have justly placed the English in the hightest estimation of the oppressed of the United States. And now that the operation of the Fugitive Slave Law is driving them out of the country, and compelling them to seek homes out of the United States, it is not strange that many should look to old England, as a place of refuge; every week shows an increased number of fugitive slaves in the streets of London. …. The political commotions of Europe have caused many persons to seek an asylum in England, and consequently there are thousands here who are without any employment whatever….. I would say to our fugitive brethren, if you don’t want to become beggars, don’t come to England. If the climate in Canada is too cold, and you must leave the States, go to the West Indies. But, by all means, don’t come to England.                                          Yours for right and truth,   W.W. Brown, London, June 27, 1851           (Liberator, July 25, pg 2)