Garrison’s description of the mob action

The introduction to the piece gives a summary of the some of the issues which Garrison sees raised by the mob action:

“Triumph of Mobocracy in Boston  — Prostration of the Civil Power – Supression of the Liberty of Speech —Ruffianism of the Press –Public Insult to Female Benevolence and Piety – A Citizen, guiltless of crime, ignominiously dragged through the streets , and for self-preservation committed to jail, and finally obliged to leave the city to save his life — &c.&c “

At one point in his description, G tells of an abolitionist brother who, under the pressure of the crowd, vows that he will henceforth give up his non-resistance  principles.  Garrison says to him,  “Hold, my brother!  …. This is the trial of our faith, and the test of our endurance. Of what value or utility are the principles of peace and forgiveness, if we may repudiate them in the hour of peril and suffering?  Do you wish to become like one of those violent and blood-thirsty men who are seeking my life?  Shall we give blow for blow and array sword against sword?  God forbid!  …..If my life be taken, the cause of emancipation will not suffer.  God reigns; his throne is undisturbed by this storm  — he make the wrath of man to praise him, and the remainder he will restrain – his omnipotence will at last be victorious….”

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