Jonathan Walker & warning to abolitionists

October 17, 1845

Under Refuge of Oppression, from the Pensacola Gazette, an unsigned article is very critical of Walker and the attempts of abolitionists in the north to characterize him as an idol because of his treatment as a stealer of slaves.   He is labeled as “indolent”, “thriftless’, “useless member of society”, “wretched fanatic”,  …..  It is claimed that he suffered the just punishment of the law,  that he “went into jail in poor health, and came out as fat as a pig”.  The end of the article addresses the abolitionists who now aid Walker:   “If these misguided fanatics could but be made to understand how they have riveted and are daily riveting the chains of the slave — how their machinations have bridged his privileges, temporal and spiritual, they would surely pause in their insane efforts, to accomplish an object which every word of interference from them, but serves to render more distant and more hopeless.”

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