Ladies’ Department — Women and Anti-slavery

There is a statement about the qualities of the lady who conducts this Department, and several paragraphs from her pen, but without her name:

Our Own Sex

“We have not language sufficiently strong to express our feelings of the necessity there is, that our own sex should become general and efficient workers in the cause of emancipation.  ……….The situation of the slaves of our own sex, certainly claims in a pre-eminent degree the attention of American females …..Some have already flung off the unwonted carelessness that so long benumbed their hearts ……”

The article then is followed by a statement of the pleasure that the editor had in addressing the Afric-American Female Intelligence Society of Boston at a recent meeting, and concludes with the Constitution of the Society.

This is followed by a “spirited extract” from the tract by Mrs. Maria W. Steward (his spelling!)  :

“Let each one strive to excel in good housewifery, knowing that prudence and economy are the road to wealth ……..How long shall the fair daughters of Africa be compelled to bury their minds and talents beneath a load of iron pots and kettles……How long shall a
mean set of men flatter us with their smiles, and enrich themselves with our hard earnings —their wives fingers sparkling with rings, and they themselves laughing at our folly?…..”

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