Let the People Speak – Daniel Webster

March 15, 1850

“What if Daniel Webster has betrayed the cause of liberty, bent his supple knees anew to the Slave Power, and dishonored the State which he was sent to Congress faithfully to represent?  Is he Massachusetts — and, as he moves , is she to follow, even to the lowest depth of moral degradation?….”  then there is a call for people to sign a memorial to the legislative bodies of the state, asking that they make it clear that they do not endorse Webster.

Synopsis of Webster’s Speech

1. To admit three or four more slave States from Texas.
2. He will not vote for the Wilmot Proviso, because “it would be a wanton and   
    useless attack upon the feelings of the South”.
3. The restoration of fugitive slaves is a “solemn constitutional obligation upon the 
4. He “is willing to settle the question of the disputed territory of New Mexico by paying
    Texas for the surrender of her claims.”

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