Letters of hatred and threat

Here are quotes which hint at the letters received by The editor :

The first letter is dated Princeton,  N.J. , August 4th. And was written probably by the son of a slaveholder in one of the schools in that place.  I publish it verbatim.  It is impossible  to guage the nastiness, stupidity, and depravity of the mind which endited it.  ……..

Mr. William Lloyd Garrison –

You d ___d   rascal  __….O you pitiful scoundrel !  you toad eater!    Hell is gaping for you!  …………..

The second letter, it seems, is from one who is avowedly  a slaveholder.   It is impudent, audacious and inconsistent to a marvel………….I would not , wittingly, harm a hair of their heads, nor injure them in their lawful property.  I am not their enemy, but their friend……  They will surely be destroyed if they do not repent.  Men must be  free; and whoever unjustly takes away their liberty, must expect a dreadful retaliation…..if they continue to oppress, they must not expect to go unpunished …..

(Liberator , Sept. 10, 1831, pg 1)