Calling for Petitions to end slavery in D.C

PETITIONS  TO CONGRESS   ‘One last, best effort  now’

A great effort will be made in various parts of the country to petition Congress ,  at its approaching session to ABOLISH SLAVERY IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA,  over which that  body has entire control. There are only a few thousand slaves in the District, who may be safely liberated at once and thus our national  reproach be wiped  away.  It ought  to cover our faces with burning blushes of shame, to reflect, that in the Capital of our Union, human beings are offered at public sale, like cattle, and the harrowing sounds of the lash are heard; to know that secret dungeons are kept, for the purpose of confining purchased slaves till they are numerous enough to be driven off hundreds of miles to the south;  and that around the halls of Congress. the chains of the slaves are constantly clanking, in mockery of our boasted liberties……………….

                    (Liberator, Sept 10, 1831, pg 3)