The Liberator supported in Ohio

We copy the following friendly notice from the New Lisbon (Ohio) Aurora:


This energetic, persevering, and ably conducted advocate of the inalienable rights of man, conducted by William Lloyd Garrison of Boston, commenced its twenty-first volume on the 3d inst………  Mr. Garrison, in 1831 seized the powerful lever of the printing press, sent forth a small paper, about our size, in which he told the nation, ‘I will speak  —  I will be heard’  — without a subscriber, and but few friends; and the result was stirring at first  ……  the last twenty years has proved that Mr. Garrison struck the right chord…….    The Liberator is a large paper, and has a permanent circulation of some thousands ……  Although it differs from many sincere anti-slavery men in regard to its mode of putting down slavery, nevertheless, the paper commands the respect and esteem of all such — while it receives the hearty curses and intense hatred of all  despots and oppressors.  Long may it live to battle for the right.!

                                           (Liberator, Feb. 14, 1851, pg 2)