Listen to Abby Kelley

Abby Kelley

To those in this vicinity who have not yet had an opportunity to listen to the glowing eloquence of Abby Kelley, and whose ears may have been filled with fool misrepresentation of her doctrines, talents and character, we would say – Go and hear the woman, by all means!  We have heard her called an infidel, a blackguard, and other names equally creditable to the intelligence of those who use them;  but we have heard ten or a dozen of her lectures, and perceived nothing to justify such epithets.

On the contrary, we regard Miss K as a highly gifted, amiable and noble woman, and a conscientious Christian, if there is one in the world.  She is capable of achieving immense good in the great moral revolution in which she is engaged.  It pains us to hear ladies object to Miss K, as being ‘out of her place’, and refuse to go and  hear her.  Why, good woman! You don’t know how much she might learn you in an hour!  Go and hear her! — Herkimer Journal

                                        (Liberator, June 2, 1843, pg 4)