Southern Clergyman against Garrison

Southern Clergyman – A Fair Specimen.

Last summer, while travelling through a portion of New England, it was our good fortune to form what may be called a travelling acquaintance with one of these monsters, for this is the most appropriate term. Having a strong curiosity to know his views respecting northern abolition, and seeing him express considerable disgust on account of a colored lady being seated in the same care with ourselves, we took occasion to introduce the subject.  The bare sound of the word seemed to arouse a very tiger in his bosom, and as for holding an argument with such a person it was an utter impossibility.  However, in the course of conversation, we ventured to inquire what kind of reception W. L. Garrison, the great champion of freedom, would meet with should he pay a visit to the South.  His answer was, ‘If I had a hand in it I hope the people would’nt  quite kill him, but I trust we should come  d———d  near it.’  And this from one that professes to be a follower of the meek and lowly Jesus.  Comment is unnecessary.  —  Philad. Flag of Freedom.

(Liberator May 26, 1843, pg 2)