Slavery Abolished in India !!!!!!

Slavery Abolished in India

By the following act, slavery is abolished among a hundred millions of people in India.  As it is an act of simple justice, England is entitled to no credit, more than America would be were she to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia.  But, by it, she has taken away one of the strong arguments which American pro-slavery men have urged against the interference of her philanthropies when they have spoken out against our system of abominations.  What will they say when their other arguments based upon British oppression, are done away,  and  theirs is the only country where tyranny is known?

An Act for declaring and amending the law regarding the conditions of slavery within the territories of the East India Company.

It is hereby enacted and declared, that no public officer shall, in exception of any decree or order of court, or for the enforcement of any demand of rent or revenue, sell, or cause to be sold, any person or the right to the compulsory labor or services of any person, on the ground that such a person is in a status of slavery.

                                                               (Liberator, May 19, 1843, pg 2)