Lovejoy not deserving of protection

Under Refuge of Oppression, there is a letter from the Southern Christian Advocate, which says of the Lovejoy incident:….”…he has so suffered under a strong conviction in the public mind that he was an incendiary, plotting against the peace of society, and unworthy of the protection of the laws.”

The Editor, in acknowledging the source as the Southern Christian Advocate,  does so by adding an exclamation mark, as follows:  Southern Christian (!) Advocate.

There is an item addressed to Mr. Garrison, and titled CLAPPING AT A PRAYER MEETING ,  from someone who complains that, at a recent concert at Lyceum Hall,  when a colored man addressed a white audience in great excitement,  he was joined by a burst of clapping from those assembled.  The writer is gratified, that the speaker then “turned upon the audience in a sharp and cutting rebuke.”

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