Mass. Abolitionist reader response

MASS ABOLITIONIST    “We hail the appearance of this work with peculiar satisfaction.  It will meet the views and wishes of a large group of the friends of Immediate Emancipation, who have been disgusted, and measurably alienated from an active participation in the great and important reformation,  by the wild and absurd theories intermingled with the discussions of the subject in the columns of the ‘Liberator’.   The vagaries of William Lloyd Garrison, and H.C. Wright, relative to political action, and allegiance to civil government, have nothing to do with the discussion of the great question of  Abolition  of  Slavery…. But it is not the design of the publishers of the ‘Abolitionist’ to wage a contest with the editor of the ‘Liberator’.  They propose to adhere strictly to the subject of Emancipation, apart from all others of a controversial nature .   —  unsigned (Liberator, August 23, 1938, pg 4 )

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