Elizabeth Pease, Thomas Sturge support of Liberator

The Liberator, October 14, 1864, pg 2 includes a note to Garrison, written by Elizabeth Pease Nichol, from Huntley Lodge, Edinburgh, Sept 23.  “It gives me much pleasure to remit to you a donation of 50 pounds sterling which our kind and liberal friend, Thomas Sturge, North Fleet House, has sent to my care, in response to an appeal which I made to himself and sister, in behalf of the Liberator.”

This entry is followed by a note from Garrison:  “Thanks to “our much esteemed friend, Thomas Sturge (whose aggregate donations to the American Anti-Slavery Society for several years have been of a munificent character,) for this renowned token of his personal friendship and approval of our course.  His fifty pounds of sterling nets us four hundred and forty dollars…”

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