Meeting about Fugitive Slave Bill


A preliminary meeting of the friends of liberty for Boston was held at Rev. Samuel Snowden’s church on Monday evening, Sept.30, 1850.  The arrest of fugitives in the city of New York, under the new law was borne on the wings of the wind, and increased an excitement already akin to that which characterized the ‘Latimer war of 1843’  The house was densely crowded, and at an early hour many were compelled to leave for lack of room.

The meeting was organized by the choice of Lewis Hayden for Chairman, and Wm. C. Nell, Secretary…………..

William Lloyd Garrison, (whose presence was hailed with enthusiastic demonstration,) responded to a call to read the Fugitive Bill, as adopted by Congress;   and in commenting upon its several features, electrified the audience by his bold denunciation of the law and its supporters, and by his earnest appeal to all lovers of liberty now to test their principles, at whatever cost …….

(Liberator, Oct 4, 1850, pg2)