Mr. Garrison

March 24, 1865

The article printed here is from the Boston Traveller, and gives high praise to Garrison.

The occasion of the article is the statement that Garrison intended to stop publication of the Liberator at the close of the present year. “Mr. Garrison bears well the honors which he won well.  Men who have called him a fanatic, honestly believing him to be one, are surprised to find that, though firm as ever, he is moderate, and that he makes the fullest allowance for the difficulties of practical statesmanship. He does not sacrifice principle to expediency, but he sees that slavery is doomed to rapid extinction, because the slaveocracy are beaten in war, and therefore he is satisfied….”

On another page of this edition, Garrison, acknowledges the article, thankfully. “It is true that we have concluded to discontinue the Liberator at the close of present year….This is not the occasion for us to say all that such a conclusion naturally suggests. Let it be deferred till the time is at hand….”

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