Newspaper Ad for escaped “fugitives”

Lawrence, K.T., Jan 7, 1856   Dear Sir: ” The following advertisement I clip from the Saint Louis Democrat, and hope you will publish it in your paper, to show the way such things are done out West: — RAN AWAY from the subscriber, living near Lexington, Mo., four negro men, named Dan, Hal, Bill and Randall. Dan is aged about twenty-three years, dark, and medium sized; Hal, aged about thirty years, very black and tall; Bill is aged twenty-eight years, stout and dark; Randall, aged about forty years, mulatto and short. I will give the above reward for all of them, or $100 for each, if taken out of the State; or $120 for all, or $30 each, if taken in any county bordering on the Mississippi river; $ 100 for all, or $25 for each, if taken in any county in the State, and delivered to me or secured in jail, so I can get them.

Any information will be received by addressing me at Lexington, Mo. or St. Louis Post Office, box 1578″   NATHAN CORDET                                   (Liberator, January 25, 1856, pg 3)