Objection to idea of Disunion

June 14, 1844

With an introduction saying,  “Something  ‘astonishing’.  Oh ! oh!”,  here is a comment from the Boston Olive Branch:   “It is astonishing with what indifference some people talk of a dissolution of the Union.   Just as though for some slight cause of local interest, the sacred bond which binds the States in one grand confederacy could be severed with the ease of a hempen cord. Nothing is more foreign from the fact. …. If there are evils existing in the government, in its administration or its institutions, it is better to act on the conservative principle, and labor wisely and assiduously to reform or remove those evils, than recklessly apply the axe to the roots of the tree of liberty.”

    Names of those who voted for resolution on Disunion

    Here are the resolutions which were adopted at the recent meeting, by a vote of 250 to 24, listing the names of both the Yeas and Nays.

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