Praise for Garrison

July 29, 1864

From the Plymouth Memorial, comes an article of extraordinary commendation of Garrison.   “It has been too much the tendency of reformers to assume an attitude of hostility to the world, and by the growth of morbid conditions of mind to run into absurd positions when the world in its advance catches up with them….A striking exception to the rule we have laid down as so apt to apply to reformers, is the gentleman whose name we have placed at the head of this article…..The great anti-slavery reformer of the age, he has, during storm and sunshine, kept the great object of his life distinctly in view, contending against adverse currents of public opinion when there seemed little chance, except to the clear eye of his Christian faith, of ever making any advance; but always taking advantage of any lull in the storm, or eddy in the stream, to work his way to the goal…..His present position is the natural and legitimate position of a thoroughly devoted man, who, through all the persecutions and strifes of his life, has preserved his spirit free from every morbid tendency, his head clear and strong, and his faith steadfast.”

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