Quoting John Adams

January 4, 1861, the Liberator, on the front page, in the upper right hand corner, with a title, “US Constitution is a covenant with death, an agreement with hell” has a quotation from Adams.  Here are some of the words from Adams …. “This investment of power in the owners of one  species of property  concentrated in the highest authorities of the nation constitutes a privileged order of men in the community, more adverse to the rights of all, and more pernicious to the interests of the whole, than any order of nobility every known.  To call government thus constituted a Democracy is to insult the understanding of mankind … It is double tainted with the infection of riches and of slavery.  There is no name in the language of national jurisprudence that can define it  – no model in the records of ancient history, or in the political theories of Aristotle, with which it can be likened.  It was introduced into the Constitution of the United States by an equivocation — a representation of property under the name of persons.  Little did the members of the Convention from the Free States imagine or foresee what a sacrifice to Moloch was hidden under the mask of this concession.”

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