Rocking the Old Cradle of Liberty, Faneuil Hall

A Call for Citizens to gather at Faneuil Hall, “to consider the condition of the Fugitive Slaves and other colored  persons of this city, under the new Fugitive Slave Law”,  signed by 238 people. There was a “mighty gathering” at Faneuil Hall. Charles Frances Adams presided and spoke.  Douglass said,  “we are resolved rather to die than go back.  If you are prepared to see the streets of Boston flowing with innocent blood, if you are prepared to see suffering such as perhaps no country ever before witnessed,  — you, who live on the street where the blood first spouted in defence of freedom;  and the slave-hunter will be there to bear the chained slave back, or he will be murdered in your streets ….”   (Liberator, October 18, 1850)

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