Slavery Finally Abolished in Kansas

Liberator, March 30, 1860   We stop the press to announce the joyful tidings that the bill prohibiting slavery in Kansas has just passed both branches of the Legislative Assembly, by the requisite two-thirds majority over the Governor’s veto, and is now the law of the land!  Six years ago, the Democracy abolished the time-honored ordinance of Freedom, and threw wide open the gates of this beautiful Territory to Slavery.  Today, the People, striding defiantly over the veto of a Democratic Federal Governor, and the votes of a majority of that party, in both branches of the Legislative Assembly, have re-established the old ordinance of liberty in these words: ‘Slavery or involuntary servitude, except for the punishment of crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, is and shall be forever prohibited in the Territory’  !  The victory is won!

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