Gov. Banks second veto of “white” militia bill

Garrison joined many others in urging a change in the Massachusetts militia law which would strike out the word “white”, and therefore open enlistment to “colored” citizens.    Here is some of his response when, for a second time, Governor Banks vetoed legislative action which would have made the change.  (Liberator, March 30, 1860)  —He notes that the action is an “insult” to the colored citizens, and that such conduct “would not be tolerated for one moment if exercised towards any other class of citizens   …. two successive Legislatures have erased the odious word ‘white’  from the militia law  .. and twice Gov. Banks interposed his veto to prevent the will of the people being executed.  It remains for the people to put a veto upon the official aspirations of Governor Banks, hereafter.”

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