Southern papers challenge foul-method Abolitionists

The Cowhide and Hickory Stick   (From the Antauga (Alabama) Citizen “There are but two papers in the State, that we have seen, that denounce the chastisement of Sumner, by Mr. Brooks, as a shameful outrage. One of them is The Mobile Tribune, one of the editors of which is a Yankee, and the other is a sheet, the name of which we shall not mention –With the exception of the papers alluded to, the press of the entire State have fully approved of the course Mr. Brooks pursued, under the circumstances, and recommend that other Southern members of Congress adopt the same method of silencing the foul-mouthed Abolition emissaries of the North. — let them understand that if they intend to carry Abolitionism into Congress, and pour forth their disgusting obscenity and abuse of the South in the Senate Chamber, and force their doctrines down the throats of Southereners, they must fight…..”      (Liberator July 4, 1856, pg 1)