State Anti-Texas Committee

With an article about a recent Faneuil Hall meeting against Texas Annexation, there is a listing of a State Anti-Texas Committee.  (Liberator, November 11, 1845, pg 2)   “The following gentlemen constitute the State Committee which has been organized without distinction of party, for the purpose of bringing out , as far as practicable, during the short period which yet remains before Congress will meet, the philanthropic, moral and religious strength of the Commonwealth  …. in one mighty and combined effort against the annexation of  Texas a Slave State …  ” The list is of forty men, including among them Charles Francis Adams, William and Henry Bowditch,  George Hillard, William Lloyd Garrison, Edmund and Francis Jackson,  Ellis Gray Loring, Wendell Phillips, Henry Stanton, Charles Sumner, Elizur Wright, Jr.,  Samuel Sewall, Henry Wilson, John Greenleaf Whittier, and Joshua Coffin.



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