The Memorable Twenty-First of October

THE MEMORABLE TWENTY-FIRST OF OCTOBER, 1835                                  Port Norfolk, Sept 23, 1855

Mr. Garrison:

Dear Sir  — On the 21st of October next, it will be twenty years since a mob composed of ‘gentlemen of property and standing’, in search of George Thompson and others, broke into an upper room in Washington street, Boston, and drove from thence a company of praying Anti-Slavery women  — broke in pieces an Anti-Slavery sign, and destroyed other property;  and the Editor of The Liberator was con fined in Boston jail, to keep him from the hands of an infuriated mob. As this event had an important bearing on the Anti-Slavery enterprise, and many persons, no doubt, had their attention drawn to the cause of the slave by the events of that day, I would suggest to the abolitionists that they have meetings on the 21st of October, in places where it is convenient, and that speakers be obtained.  It comes on Sunday, this year; and  it will be a favorable time to contrast the Anti-Slavery of 1835 with the Anti-Slavery of 1855.  I hope you will insert in The Liberator the contents of the handbill that called the mob together that day: it will be read with interest by many. H.W.B.

                                                                                                   (Liberator, Oct 5, 1855, pg 4)